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Aloha and welcome to Aloha Shells!!

Aloha Shells is a handcrafted jewelry shop. We are making lots of Hawaiian jewelries, especially sunrise shell jewelries. We don't have any physical store but have a beautiful shop in the virtual world! Please check our items at our online shop and we hope you enjoy your lovely days with our special jewelry!


For developing our business, we are now thinking to have some swimwear brands in our web-site. Please let us know if you have any recommended brand. For manufacturers or brands who have own swimwear lines, please contact us at or here with your offer.





Aloha Shells


Sunrise Shells...


Sunrise shell is an extremely rare shell and you can find it only on the beaches of Hawaii. This colorful shell usually occurs in yellow and orange. Sometimes very beautiful red or yellow-blue sunrise shells could be found.


Sunrise shells were the exclusive property of the Hawaiian royalty in the past as it has been considered as a special gift of the sea. Sunrise shell is unlike any other in the world because of its gorgeous colors as well as the treasure.


Hope you love our special jewelries...


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